FBCCI condemns Bank Asia’s disregard on a subjudice matter

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FBCCI condemns Bank Asia’s disregard on a subjudice matter. Unlawful harassment by bank in the name of debt collection.

[Dhaka, 3 November 2020]- The President of Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industries (FBCCI) on Tuesday expressed shock at Bank Asia’s action on subjudice matter as reported on media. According to a media report, employees of Bank Asia have harassed and unlawfully raided the home of an industrialist in Chittagong in the name of debt recovery. One of the team member of Bank Asia’s employee publicly called out the industrialist using a bullhorn, initiating chaos in front of the industrialist’s vicinity. “We are shocked at the actions of Bank Asia on a subjudice matter that demonstrate utmost disregard and disrespect towards the sanctity of our judiciary. This regrettably action is a reflection of demeanours of many banks towards MSME clients through out the country which coincidentally became public in this case.

Despite all out support during Covid19 to the banking sector, including 2.5% corporate tax break three years back to restructure business model that are pro people, some banks are short on complying with Bangladesh Bank’s circulars to implement agricultural and MSME loans, hiking service charges, disregard judicial process with hubristic audacity as if they are above accountability.

FBCCI is looking into the issue seriously and will reach out to get the bank’s account on the matter as well. We will explore available options towards accountability on subjudice matters of entrepreneurs,” said Sheikh Fazle Fahim.

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