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Md. Iqbal Habib

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Iqbal Habib is a practicing architect, urban designer and an environmental activist. He is the co- founder of the architectural design atelier, VITTI Sthapati Brindo Ltd., a practice working rigorously all over Bangladesh for over two decades with the vision to promote Responsible Architecture for the Society and Environment in the country. He completed his graduation from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology in 1991. Currently a Fellow at Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB). He also became an Eisenhower Fellow in 2007 on “Challenges of Urbanization” –Common Interest Program. Besides being one of the acclaimed architects in the country, he is the Joint Secretary of Bangladesh Environment Movement (BAPA) and is selflessly advocating for better environment for more than a decade. Ar. Iqbal is an active organizer, promoter and relentless voice of change for public issues and urban renewal of cities of Bangladesh. His relentless participation and activism towards saving urban wetlands and waterbodies have created a social awareness within the political arena as well as among common citizens.


His designed projects range from small dwelling units to large urban development projects representing contemporary, socially responsive architecture as well as diversity and playfulness. His constructed projects and public speeches both consists of new ideas of breaking barriers in Dhaka’s urban issues like water-logging, traffic congestion, diminishing greening, wetland preservation, urban encroachment, affordable housing, etc. Some of his most prominent works at Vitti include, Hatirjheel–Begun Bari Integrated Development, Dhanmondi Lake & Lakeside Area Development’, Krishibid Institute of Bangladesh, Hadi Tower, Father of the Nation’s Mausoleum, various Hi-tech Parks masterplan and other urban wetland and waterbody restoration projects. He has also collaborated with internationally acclaimed architects like Moshe Safdi, Zaha Hadid and other prominent practices in Korea, Singapore, Japan, etc.


His works have been published many times and his interview was also included in the Oscar acclaimed documentary “Human Scale” by Renowned Urban thinker Jan Gehl. Many of his projects at Vitti have received national and international acclamation in the last 30 years, although the goal of his works remain solely for positive changes in the lives of people and environment.

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