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All sorts of technological aspects of the FBCCI are overlooked efficiently by the Information Technology (IT) department. Here are some of the activities performed by the IT team on a regular basis -
A. All the networks, databases, servers and IT systems of FBCCI are monitored by the IT team. The team collects, stores, protects and validates all kinds of data related to FBCCI. 
B. The security of FBCCI’s network is of utmost importance. Thus, it is one of the most essential responsibilities of the IT department of FBCCI to take precautionary and necessary measures to implement all kinds of antivirus softwares and firewalls. The authorization of users for different data or systems is also maintained by this team.
C. FBCCI’s IT team also has the duty of ensuring smooth communication systems, which include emails, text messages, phone or video conferencing etc. The team ensures that all these systems are always available and reliable, while maintaining top-notch safety and security. 
D. Additionally, the IT department sets employees up with login credentials and appropriate levels of access to the relevant tools and apps as a part of the on-boarding process. The IT team of FBCCI also provides training to the existing employees in regard to the use of different hardware and software. The team also provides troubleshooting and technical support whenever it is necessary.