Accelerating the Trillion Dollar Journey


Accelerating the Trillion Dollar Journey

Members of the FBCCI are diverse, ranging from large corporations to small businesses. However, despite its size and influence, the FBCCI faces challenges in ensuring that the voice of each member is heard and valued. To envisage these challenges, FBCCI forms 92 sectoral standing committees for the term 2023 to 2025. These committees focus on specific sectors of the economy, such as agriculture, textiles, ICT, plastic and rubber, leather goods, ports & shipping, banking, tourism, among others. The importance of these committees is to promote inclusive growth and development for coping up the challenges of 4th industrial revolution.

The committees are comprised of experts, industry leaders, professionals, and stakeholders from each sector who have extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields. They are tasked with bringing forth ideas, recommendations and solutions to address the unique challenges faced by each sector.

Each committee is led by a Director of FBCCI as Director in-Charge, who is responsible for coordinating and conveying the reports of the committee to the Board of Directors of FBCCI. The chairman of each committee is selected from among the sector's experts and brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. The committee organizes meeting and members discuss various issues affecting their respective sector. They analyze problems and come up with recommendations and solutions that are forwarded to the concerned Ministries through FBCCI.

FBCCI needs the committees to work closely together, shares information and best practices, and collaborates to achieve common goals. The members are encouraged to think creatively and innovatively, to explore new opportunities, and to be bold and ambitious in their vision for their respective sectors. The success of these committees depends on the active participation of all members and stakeholders, including government agencies, civil society organizations, and international partners.

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