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The Public Relations and Communications Department manages the external and internal communication strategies of the FBCCI. The department plays a crucial role in maintaining the FBCCI's reputation, building positive relationships with stakeholders, and disseminating information effectively.
The PR team of FBCCI handles various tasks to fulfill its objectives. Some of the key responsibilities and tasks of the PR team include:
 A. Media Relations: The PR and Communications team establishes and maintains strong relationships with journalists and media outlets of both National and International media. The Team provides timely and accurate information, responds to media inquiries, and facilitates interviews and press conferences on behalf of FBCCI.
 B. Press Releases and Statements: The team drafts and distributes press releases and official statements to the media, keeping them informed about FBCCI's activities, policy positions, and important announcements.
 C. Crisis Communication: In times of crisis or challenging situations, the PR team takes charge of managing the organization's communication. They develop strategies to address and mitigate any negative impact on FBCCI's reputation, working closely with key stakeholders and the media.
 D. Event Management: The PR team organizes and coordinates various events such as Press conferences, seminars, and workshops. The PR and Communications department ensures effective communication to promote participation and disseminate information.
 E. Internal Communication: The PR team plays a crucial role in facilitating internal communication within FBCCI. They ensure that employees and members are well-informed about organizational activities, policies, and essential updates.
 F. Social Media Management: The PR team manages FBCCI's presence on various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc. creating and curating content to engage with the online audience. We also monitor social media channels, respond to inquiries, and manage online reputation.
 G. Brand Management: The PR team works towards building and maintaining a positive brand image for FBCCI. We develop and implement branding strategies, ensure consistent messaging across all communication channels, and monitor the public perception of the organization.
Overall, the Public Relations and Communications department of FBCCI plays a vital role in managing the organization's communication strategies, maintaining stakeholder relationships, and enhancing the organization's reputation in the business community and the public domain.