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Engagement of the private sector in the activities targeted for the simplification, modernization, and harmonization of export and import processes is one of the crucial activities performed by the FBCCI, and the Trade Facilitation department is the one responsible for these actions. This department addresses the inconsistencies within and at the same time, ensures standardization with the international trade-related instruments. Tariff rationalization for trade promotion is another necessary duty performed by this team. Some other notable functions performed by the Trade facilitation department are-
  A.  Arranging capacity-building programs
  B. Organizing awareness-raising events on different Trade Facilitation issues
  C. Developing and managing platforms for Trade Facilitation mechanisms
  D. Dissemination of export-import manuals for traders and launching trade tools
  E. Engaging the private sector to introduce a risk-based clearance process
  F. Facilitation of the private sector engagement in the negotiation and reform process
  G. Facilitation of a business-friendly investment regime
  H. Implementing capacity-building interventions
Along with all these, FBCCI regularly conducts advocacy with the government on different fiscal, monetary and other policy issues for enabling ease of doing business and smooth implementation of government initiatives. In this regard, this team of FBCCI submits different recommendations to the government, Bangladesh Bank, or other relevant bodies for policy support considering different contexts at different times. Recommendations on developing research collaboration and initiating joint projects is also a vital aspect of FBCCI’s policy advocacy.