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In line with our national vision 2041 and the 8th Five Year Plan with a view to achieving the SDGs and getting on the bandwidth of the 4th Industrial Revolution; the major tasks of FBCCI research division are to prepare brief papers, speeches, interview, power-point presentations, and synopsis highlighting the interest of private sector and addressing the favorable and non-favorable regulatory issues for future business growth etc at National and International Programs organized by the FBCCI. Other relevant research and planning activities are: 
Preparation of papers for International Programs attended by FBCCI Delegation (China South Asia Business Forum, UNGA, Prime Minister’s Delegation, CACCI Conference, SAARC, WTO Ministerial, SRCIC, etc). Bilateral Meeting with different countries (including joint committee meetings, assemblies, symposiums)
A. Programs undertaken by the Govt. of Bangladesh, relevant Ministries and Agencies.
B. Programs undertaken by FBCCI Member Bodies, the Private sector, Research Organizations, Think Tanks & Civil Society.
C. Maintain relevant and up to date national and international statistics and information that is in the purview of the business community and Bangladesh economy.
D. Adopt an evidence based approach for research, consultation, and advocacy at various Govt. Ministerial Consultative Committees, other inter-Ministerial Agencies and Bodies.
E. Develop a standardized policy advocacy mechanism for effective consultation during various events and programs.
F. Updating of Economic, Trade and Investment Data & Information.
G. Maintaining relevant records of laws, policies and regulatory information.
H. Maintain updated information on various agreements (bilateral, regional, and multilateral).