Accelerating the Trillion Dollar Journey


Accelerating the Trillion Dollar Journey

1. The committee will deal with all the issues related to the membership of FBCCI such as membership of FBCCI such as membership application, membership retention, communication with members and membership policies.

2. The committee will review and recommend to the Ministry of Commerce with regards for T.O. Licenses for new Associations and Chambers.

3. The committee will consider and recommend for the affiliation of new Chambers and Associations.

4. The committee will supervise and monitor activities of all Member's Associations and Chambers and look into legal affairs of FBCCI.

5. The committee will administer and manage the functions of FBCCI arbitration tribunal and ADR center.

6. The committee will review and approve all the contracts and agreements and legal documents related to FBCCI and ensure that documents are legally  sound and protect FBCCI's interest.

7. The committee, if necessary, will seek expert's opinion from legal counsel / experts on issues of legal matters.

8. The committee will assist in resolving disputes or conflicts involving members of FBCCI.

9. The committee will inentify potential legal risks and liabilities of FBCCI and develop strategies accordingly.

10. The committee will develop strategies to activate FBCCI members and enhance their bonding with it.

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