Accelerating the Trillion Dollar Journey


Accelerating the Trillion Dollar Journey

FBCCI Leaders Paid Courtesy Call on HPM Sheikh Hasina

The Board of Directors (2023-25) of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI), led by its President Mr. Mahbubul Alam, paid a courtesy call on Hon'ble Prime Minister H.E. Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday (December 13, 2023) at Ganabhaban, Dhaka. The meeting delved into Bangladesh's remarkable achievements under visionary leadership and addressed the economic situation of the country in the current global economic landscape.

FBCCI President Mr. Mahbubul Alam applauded Bangladesh's growth as the world's fastest-growing commodity market in the last 15 years and emphasized the country's prominence in manpower export and online outsourcing. He highlighted major infrastructure projects such as the Bangabandhu satellite installation, Karnaphuli river tunnel, nuclear power plant, the Padma bridge, Elevated Expressway, and Metrorail; positioning Bangladesh as a global business icon.

Addressing the economic impact of global crises, Mr. Mahbubul Alam discussed the challenges arising from the Russia-Ukraine war and Middle East conflicts, putting challenges to the overall economic activities in Bangladesh. He stressed the need for coordinated efforts between the public and private sectors to mitigate losses faced by traders and achieve the country's economic growth targets in this ongoing global crisis.

Mr. Mahbubul Alam suggested a nuanced approach to managing imports, advocating for controlled imports of luxury/non-essential goods to address the current dollar crisis. He proposed aligning monetary and fiscal policies to control inflation effectively.

Mr. Mahbubul Alam urged for streamlined gas supply to prevent increased business operation costs.

As the month of Ramadan approaches, the FBCCI President recommended strategic import planning for essential goods to control prices. He specifically mentioned items like onion, gram, edible oil, potato, brinjal, gram flour, sugar, and dates, crucial during Ramadan.

HPM H.E. Sheikh Hasina assured her commitment to the development of businesses in the country and underscored the government's ongoing efforts in this regard.

She also highlighted the government's initiatives for business development, export diversification, export incentives, and addressing LDC challenges.

Among others, Prime Minister's Private Industry and Investments Adviser Mr. Salman F. Rahman, Principal Secretary Mr. Tofazzal Hossain Miah, FBCC Senior Vice President Mr. Md. Amin Helaly, Vice President Mr. Khairul Huda Chopol, Mr. Mohammad Anwar Sadat Sarker, Ms. Shomi Kaiser, Mr. Rashadul Hossain Chowdhury (Ronni), Mr. Md. Munir Hossain, FBCCI Directors, Secretary-General, and other dignitaries were present at the program.