Accelerating the Trillion Dollar Journey


Accelerating the Trillion Dollar Journey

FBCCI President Meets Dubai Chamber President

Businesses and Entrepreneurs of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are interested in investing in Bangladesh and hiring skilled manpower from the country. Mahbubul Alam, the President of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI), the apex trade organization of the country, assures all kinds of support to the investors of UAE in this regard. Mahbubul Alam, President of the FBCCI, and Mohammad Ali Rashed Lootah, President and CEO of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce discussed the issues during a meeting held recently in Dubai, UAE. The discussions revolved around enhancing economic collaboration between Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Highlighting the longstanding friendly relations between the two nations, FBCCI President Mahbubul Alam said, the United Arab Emirates is one of the genuine friends of Bangladesh. UAE has always stood by Bangladesh as one of the partners in the economic development of Bangladesh. Hundreds of thousands of our remittance warrior brothers and sisters are working tirelessly to strengthen the country's economy by sending remittances from the UAE, he added. He reassured the UAE businessmen of FBCCI's commitment to providing full support for investments and skilled manpower collaborations.

President Mahbubul Alam emphasized the numerous measures taken by the Bangladeshi government to attract foreign investments, showcasing the potential sectors available for UAE businessmen. He highlighted the establishment of 100 Special Economic Zones (EPZ) and the completion of major infrastructure projects like the Matarbari deep-sea port, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Karnaphuli Tunnel, Padma Bridge, and Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant which showcases the commitment of the Government to ensure a safe and smooth business  environment.

Encouraging UAE businessmen to explore investment opportunities, FBCCI President Mahbubul Alam pointed to the success stories of countries like Japan, India, and Korea, who have already invested in EPZs. He specifically drew attention to the vast investment potential in Chittagong, Payra, and Matarbari deep-sea ports.

FBCCI President also urged UAE companies to consider Bangladesh's globally recognized sectors, such as garment, ceramics, leather goods, and jute and jute goods, emphasizing the benefits of investment in these areas.

In response, Dubai Chamber President Mohammad Ali Rashed Lootah expressed the keen interest of UAE businessmen in Bangladesh. He also mentioned that a team has already been formed by the Dubai Chamber to verify the investment potential in Bangladesh. He also expressed their interest in hiring skilled manpower from Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, the President of Dubai Chamber called upon Bangladeshi businessmen to invest in Dubai.  

FBCCI Director Mohammad Fayazur Rahman Bhuiyan, Fakhorus Salehin Nahian, Deputy Head of Mission of Abu Dhabi Embassy Muhammed Mizanur Rahman, Commercial Counselor of Bangladesh Consulate in Dubai Ashish Kumar Sarkar, and others were present at the meeting.